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Free Business Building Articles


Below you’ll find a few of Rob’s business building articles by category. Many real estate agents have found the ideas or strategies revealed in these articles to be extremely helpful for their businesses. They key is to implement what you learn in these articles. Knowledge is useless until acted upon.


Recommended Reading


Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Download Rob’s entire book for FREE


The Best Business Building Books for Real Estate Agents


How You Can Read 4 Books a Month in just 30 Minutes


The Top 5 Business Books for Real Estate Agents



Goal Setting


Interesting Time Management Strategy for Real Estate Agents


Why Agents Fail…


Life Defining Moments


The Run



Business Reinvention


How to Follow the Money in Your Real Estate Business


How to Grow Your Business During a Recession


Should You Build Your Business for Cash-Flow or Equity?


9 Business Lessons from the Recession


Create a Community Around Your Business for Additional Profits



Business Systems


Systems, Systems, Systems…


Lead Conversion Systems to Sign More Clients


What Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Pilots





The Kite Story


How to Rank the Quality of Your Leads


A Secret Business Building Strategy


3 Ways to Compound Your Marketing


How You Can Use the News to Sell More Homes


Killer Lead Generation Strategy for Real Estate Agents


Is it REALLY possible to buy a new client?


The “Free Ride” Marketing Strategy


How to use Lead Conversion % to Build Your Business


Myrna The Mermaid



Money Management


Less Really is More


How to Teach Your Kids About Money


Shock Absorbers for Your Business – Bill Gates Money Management Strategy


How to Improve Your Credit Scores



Business Opportunities


How to Add Multiple Income Streams to Your Business


Property Management Lessons (Part One)


Property Management Lessons (Part Two)







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