“Learn How You Can Double Your Sales and Triple Your Income In A Market Bubble Using Renegade Millionaire Business Strategies…” 

You will learn all of my deepest wealth building real estate strategies and secrets completely risk FREE because I’ll send you this very special audio program and NOT charge you for 30-days! 

You will learn how to create a real estate empire that runs without your day to day involvement using these Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents. 

Dear real estate professional, 

If you’d like to build a million dollar real estate business that runs on auto-pilot without your day to day involvement, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. When I say million dollar business, I don’t mean a million dollars in sales volume. I mean a million dollars a year of income.

Here's why this letter may be the most important you’ll ever read:

My real estate company will sell over 300 homes this year by using the ideas and strategies outlined in this letter. Our average commission is around $5,000 which means I will generate $1,500,000 in commissions. In addition, I have built other automatic income streams in my business which will generate an additional $200,000 of income. I’m doing this all in a ‘down’ real estate market.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you four good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Four Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have helped over 75 agents across North America re-invent their real estate businesses. These agents each paid me $40,000 on average to learn my strategies. Do the math and you can see what my value is.

Reason two: Millionaire maker, Dan Kennedy, himself assisted with my business re-invention. Dan has spent the last 32 years helping entrepreneurs build large profitable companies from scratch. Dan and I applied his Renegade Millionaire Strategies specifically to the real estate sales industry. The results are simply incredible.

Reason three: My real estate sales business generates over $100,000 a month in commission income despite the dreaded market bubble.  Below, I have included bank statements from the last three months. You’ll see that I made $433,114 in commissions.  In addition, you’ll also see "Other Deposits” totaling $40,685 during the same three months. These “Other Deposits” represent passive monthly income. This is not a one time thing. This happens month after month in my business.  Here are my last three bank statements:



Reason four:  I have over 400 buyers signed to exclusive buyer broker agreements right now. I automatically add 22 to 30 new buyers to our client base each and every month without making one outbound prospecting call. We have a thriving business without listing one single home.

Here is a summary of the
strategies you’ll learn…

  •             How to Build a Real Estate Business That Sells Home After Home Without
          Your Day to Day Involvement.

Most real estate agents work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is not required. You really can build a business that runs without your day to day involvement. In two years, I went from personally selling homes to operating my business one day a week from my home office.

  •             You will learn how to create Equity in Your Business.

Most entrepreneurs actually get paid twice for their efforts. Sadly, most real estate agents don’t. The reason why entrepreneurs get paid twice is because they create businesses that have real value. This isn’t the case for real estate agents.  You’ll learn how to create a business with value.  You’ll learn how to create equity while earning a huge income, all at the same time.

  •             You will learn how to double your sales and triple your income every 24

Did you know that only 20% of the agents make 80% of the total commissions? The reason why is because the majority of real estate agents make a major mistake with their businesses. The top agents do not make this same mistake.  The top agents understand and apply a secret strategy. To quickly and easily grow your sales, you must implement this same strategy in your business. Otherwise, you’ll continue to struggle month after month. Once I learned this secret strategy my business tripled. Here is what happened in my business:                                                               

                                                               2003                       2004                       2005                       2006
Number of Homes Sold                    84                            108                         192                         269
Total Sales Volume                           $10,117,800          $12,473,757         $23,556,561         $33,962,057
Total Commissions                           $279,572               $407,040              $855,168               $1,265,197
Other Income                                      0                              $506                      $25,400                 $139,369

As you can see, I have doubled my business every two years. More importantly, I have tripled my business’s income every two years. The strategy I used is detailed in this program.

  •             You’ll Learn How to Get Prospects and Clients to Operate on Your Terms.

You don’t have to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have to be tied to your cell phone everywhere you go. You can have a life. Dan and I will show you how to turn the tables on your prospects and clients. Your clients will soon operate on your terms. They will gladly wait until you have an opening in your schedule.

  •             Want to get paid for mailing your newsletter each month?  

I will show you how to profit from your newsletter. It has nothing to do with selling advertising space. The strategies revealed are advanced renegade millionaire strategies. One of the strategies revealed, if implemented, will make you a multi-millionaire.

  •             You’ll learn how to leverage your assets for accelerated wealth building.

Renegade Millionaire real estate agents are experts at leveraging their assets. Trump uses these same strategies with his businesses. I’ll show you how.

  •             How to Recruit Team Members Who Sell Homes Like Clockwork.

Use this simple idea to attract great agents to you. An agent I recruited last year using this strategy, now sells an average of 6 homes a month. 

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we teach all of these things to you.

Let me explain.

It all started in October of 2004. This is when I met Dan Kennedy. I spent a day with Dan discussing his Renegade Millionaire Strategies. We outlined several of his strategies on this day and I quickly went to work implementing them in my real estate business. They worked like clock work. These strategies can easily be copied by any real estate agent, in any market.

You see, Dan taught me how to make money differently. After applying Dan’s strategies directly to my business, I made money quicker, easier and faster. I achieved complete financial freedom in less than two years. I’m now a multi-millionaire.

Income and wealth come to those who apply certain principles to their businesses. I’m not special in any way. I was simply lucky to work directly with Dan. I was lucky to learn his Renegade Principals. I’m not alone.

Dan has worked closely with over 100 first generation, from scratch millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and million dollar+ per year earners. He is a multi-millionaire himself. Our goal with this new program is to give you a clearer, more definitive blueprint than you’ve ever seen or possessed before, for achieving whatever sales, income or wealth level you desire. Consider this…

1.   Most of Dan’s clients started and built their businesses from scratch. This means they did not begin by stepping into a family business. Most started their first businesses with little or no direct education or apprenticeship. This was the same for me.

2.   All of Dan’s clients are first generation millionaires and multi-millionaires. This means they did not inherit their wealth. Most come from modest backgrounds. This was the same for me.

3.   Most of Dan’s clients have focused on ‘renegade business models.’ Many of Dan’s clients have applied “unusual” business models to seemingly ordinary businesses. This was the same for me.

It’s about to be the same for you, too.

We will explain in detail the same strategies that I used to build my business. We will show you how to build your own real estate money machine.

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what other real estate agents have to say…


I have come to realize from your strategies that an agent can create consistent and predictable results. At this point, for every 100 leads I generate, I sign 5 to 6 to a one- year buyer’s agency contract. Each client I sign up pays me $228.95. I also charge them $29.95 a month going forward. My goal this year is to sign five new clients a week every week. That means even if I do not sell a home but I do reach my client signing goals, I will generate $54,948 this year in new fees alone.

I also know based on last year’s numbers that each new client, I sign up represents nearly $2,500 in future income. Therefore, the 240 new clients I hope to sign this year will represent nearly $600,000 in income in both commission and fees. That is why I feel that you have reduced real estate to a math equation: If I want to make X dollars this year all I need to do is work backwards and figure how many leads I need to generate to hit that number. Then, it is simply a mathematical certainty. I can’t thank you enough.

Matt Shreves, St. Louis –Missouri


These last few weeks have been amazing, and the results are really starting to show.

We were brand new to real estate when we launched Rob’s strategies. Our licenses are with a large brokerage in Toronto. It is funny because many agents in our office started to ask us what we were doing because we have prospects stopping by the office asking for appointments with us. These prospects are chasing us, wanting to be accepted as one of our clients while the other agents are sitting around with nothing to do. Our receptionist is completely confused by what we have started. She has never had prospects stopping into the office, chasing agents in our office.

We are now at the six month point since launching and things are going crazy for us! In the past few days, we have had a new client buy two properties right out of the gates, another client just bought their second property two months after buying their first, and another client is also purchasing his second property, too. This doesn’t even count all of our other new clients who are purchasing their first properties with us!

All of these purchases have been in the price range of $195K to 290K. We started with no database, no client list, nothing and in just six months we are selling multiple homes to our clients. We can feel the momentum growing every day. Thanks so much!!” 

Tom & Nick Karadza – Toronto – Canada


I’ve been mentored by Rob and his entire staff. Rob has tested everything himself, and this works. I just wish I had found him earlier. Following Rob’s strategies, my clients are now buying multiple homes from me. Some of them are on their fourth home and want to start buying apartments.  The best part is that we are having way too much fun.

Janet Vossler, Reno – Nevada 


Warning: This program is not about the following…

There are a lot of sales trainers selling agents programs today. This program will not teach you:

1:  To make more cold or warm calls in effort to set appointments with prospects!  I did not make any outbound phone calls to double my sales or triple my income. These are old, out-dated and sometimes illegal strategies today. If you want to learn a better call script, this program is not for you.

2: How to improve your client presentations. Most real estate agents spend too much time trying to have the best listing or buyer presentation. This is a waste of time. Your prospects should be pre-sold when you meet with them. They should be anxious to use your services. In this program, you will learn how to set yourself apart from all other agents. Your prospects will not need to be “sold” by some wiz bang presentation.

3: How to list more homes. This program is not going to reveal any super-secret strategies to get more listings. It will, however, show you how to build a business that runs without your day to day involvement. Which would you rather have – more listings or passive income?

4: Some fancy closing techniques. When you’re positioned properly in your client’s mind, you don’t need to be a master sales person. You don’t need to get the client saying “yes.” Your clients value your advice and counsel. You don’t need any special closing scripts. You need to design your business to attract clients who value you, listen to your advice, and operate on your terms.

5: Tips for staging open houses.  This program is not going to teach you how to arrange flowers, and potpourri to stage the perfect open house.  In fact, it’s a little well known fact in our field that open houses are largely a waste of time.  When you plug into this program, you will operate your business on your terms.  Your time will have high value to your clients, and both you and they won’t waste it!

6: Converting cold calls from floor time duty.  Many real estate agents are subjected to floor time.  This is a glorified receptionist role for real estate agents.  With this program, you won’t need to talk to every person who feels like calling your office to chat.  Your prospects will be qualified, educated, and ready before you ever speak a word to them. 

7: Bugging your relatives and friends to become your clients.  Many real estate agents solicit their friends and relatives to become clients.  This makes holiday gatherings and picnics awkward for everyone.  With this program, you’ll be in charge of the stream of clients knocking on your door.  You can twist the ‘client dial’ up or down.  You control the amount of business you want on your terms without damaging the most meaningful relationships you have.

8:  Handing out thousands of business cards to anyone who will take one.  With this program, you won’t need to carry a big stack of business cards on your back.  You won’t need to hand out cards at the street corner to every person you come across.  Save the printing costs.  Handing out business cards won’t get you new clients; attracting motivated clients to you will.

While there are a lot of sales experts that say they can help you sell more homes, there are also question marks in my mind. Have these people ever truly helped one person make any money? Have they ever helped any agent build a business that operates on auto-pilot? Do they practice what they preach? Do they own million dollar real estate sales businesses?

You don't know this. But I get paid an average of $40,000 to help agents clone my business as theirs. Why? Because these Renegade Millionaire Strategies work. Dan Kennedy now charges over $11,000 for one day of consulting. In addition, entrepreneurs, including myself, fight to be accepted into his $30,000 a year platinum coaching program.

How much should you cheerfully pay for this System?

You should pay $10,000+. Back in October of 2004, I paid Dan Kennedy $8,600 to learn the strategies detailed in this program. I then had to figure out how to apply his strategies to my real estate sales business. This wasn’t easy. I worked night and day to figure it out. I did finally figure it out and I have outlined my findings and experiences for you in this program. You get to take the short cut. I didn’t. There is at least $1,000,000 of advice in this program.

But you will only pay $796.

I have been told by many people, that I have under priced the program. Dan Kennedy, who directly participates in this program, told me to charge $4,995. I haven’t listened.

I’m so fed up with the way agents are taught to sell homes that I want to change the thinking of our industry. I want more agents to think like true entrepreneurs. I want agents to increase their incomes and build wealth. I’m so tired of seeing agents work so hard for so little. I argue that real estate agents are the hardest working group on the planet. You should be compensated accordingly.

As such, I have decided to cut the $796 price in half and make this program available to you for only $398. In order to get this price, you must order today. One of the operating principles of Renegade Millionaires is “Decisiveness.” If you cannot decide today to invest in this System, you’ll never become a Renegade Millionaire Agent. Renegade Millionaire agents act on opportunity. Average agents hesitate. Which are you?

Would you trade $398 for a business that runs without you? Would you trade $398 for a business that generates over $1,000,000 a year in commissions? Would you trade $398 for a business with real value that can be sold at high multiples of your net income?

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will become a millionaire from this program. You will actually need to implement the ideas and strategies Dan and I lay out for you. This I cannot control. I can, however, guarantee that this program will be the most thought-provoking, challenging, motivating and practical – strategy business building product you’ve ever invested in.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’re going to love this new audio program, that I’ll even ship it to you and not charge your credit card for 30-days! That means if you don’t like the program, you can return it within 30 days and your credit card information will be destroyed in a paper shredder, and you’ll never be charged for this program. 

Sounds good right?  But that’s not all.  In addition… 

I’m so confident that you’re going to love this program that I’m protecting you with a 100% ironclad 60 day money-back guarantee. This simply means that if you’re not overjoyed with our new program, you can return it for a full 60 days and receive your money back without any hassles or questions.


So that means you have up to 30 days to review the program without charge and another 30 to decide if you want to keep it.

Who else will give you a risk-free TWO MONTH test drive of anything?

So, what to do next?

To become a “RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE AGENT” click below to get started today, and I will ship our System directly to you.

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With the Renegade Millionaire Program for Real Estate Agents, you’ll receive and incredible eye opening audio program with written materials.  Dan Kennedy and I reveal the ultimate secrets of building a multi-million dollar business in real estate starting from the ground up. 

This audio program is jam packed with over 20 hours of recordings! 

We cover many subjects, revealing tremendous insight derived from real world experience.  Many topics are discussed in this powerful one of a kind interview.  Some strategies discussed include the following: 

       How to sell more homes in less time.

       How to increase commission rates and charge for additional

       How to attract new clients to you on a shoestring budget.

       How to train your clients to work on your schedule and eliminate
  evening and weekend appointments.

       How to create a million dollar business in two years.

       How to create additional passive income streams inside your real
  estate business.

       How to end roller coaster income – forever.

       How to build a rock solid team of all star real estate agents.

       Plus much more.

I’m also included 2 very special BONUS items. 


Insider Access to Renegade Millionaire Agents.  These were ordinary agents who now have extraordinary results applying my strategies.  These are mini-interviews with several Renegade Millionaire Agents from around North America.  Listen in on these conversations to find out the characteristics and strategies that they possess and implement in their own areas.  You’ll hear from real live Renegade Agents working in the real estate field from coast to coast. 


Insider Access to My Renegade Millionaire Team.  You’ll hear how the agents on my personal team applied Renegade Millionaire strategies to triple their sales.  Listen to their greatest learned secrets as they reveal their first hand experiences.

The program is broken into 5 full modules that include the following must have information: 

Module 1

Renegade Millionaire Income Acceleration Strategies. Renegade Millionaire experts Dan Kennedy and Rob Minton reveal…

              Renegade Millionaire Marketing

              Signing New Clients to Exclusive Agency Agreements

              Alliances and Referrals

              Renegade Millionaire Income Acceleration Strategies

              Time Management Strategies

              Plus More!


Module 2

Accelerated Wealth Creation Strategies.  More jam packed expert advice about…

              Self Improvement for Renegade Millionaires

              Team Building Strategies

              Mastermind Principle of Association

              How to Dominate a Market Bubbles

              Costly Mistakes to Avoid

              Renegade Millionaire Business Exit Strategies

              Plus More!


Module 3

Renegade Millionaire Business Management Strategies.  Listen to the folks who have followed Rob’s footsteps and became Renegade Real Estate Agents.  Apply these strategies to jump kick your business today!

              Renegade Agent Breakthroughs

              How to Add New Income Streams

              Determining the Future Value of Your Prospects

              How to Buy Clients Through Effective Marketing

              How to Obtain Expert Positioning

              Advanced Time Management Strategies for Agents

              Plus More!


Module 4 – BONUS 1

Insider Access to Renegade Millionaire Agents.  Tune in with these individual interviews with Renegade Millionaire Agents discussing their personal successes resulting from implementing proven strategies.  There words are pure gold! 


Module 5 – BONUS 2

Insider Access to My Renegade Team.  Pay attention to these individual interviews with Rob’s agents.  Listen carefully as they detail the impact of the Renegade Millionaire Strategies.  Hear how they have tripled their sales, as well as control their time, income, and much more.


Order today to become a Renegade Millionaire Agent!

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You have my ironclad no risk 60 day guarantee. More importantly, we won’t even charge your credit card for 30 days. You can build your business just like I have built mine using the ‘secret’ Mega-Strategies or you can continue business as usual. It’s your choice.



To your success,




Rob Minton,

Renegade Millionaire Real Estate Agent


P.S.  To receive the $398 discount, you must order today. This letter is time sensitive. If you return your order form at a later date and hope to get this discount, you will be disappointed. Success requires decisiveness.


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