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Renegade Millionaire Strategies Resources Page


On this page, you’ll find various recommended resources for building your real estate business. Rob personally uses every resource on this page in his business and can recommend and endorse each resource listed.


Business Building Resources


To receive a special $613.91 gift from marketing legend Dan Kennedy.  Click Here


Accomplish more in 12 months than you have in 12 years.  Click Here


Learn how to list and sell bank owned homes.  Click Here


Weekly business building reports that will help you generate and convert more leads.  Click Here



Marketing & Lead Generation Tools


Use these little simple, one-page websites for your lead generation marketing. You can add unlimited number of websites with video and audio. In addition, each website created tracks conversion allowing you to easily see which websites have the best prospect conversion.  Click Here


The teleseminar service Rob uses for his mastermind conference calls, live training calls and free classes. You can schedule and record unlimited calls in seconds.  Click Here


Learn how to increase the response rates for all of your marketing, including post cards, newsletters, letters and more.  Click Here


The hotline service Rob uses to capture a prospects contact information, including their phone number, in all of his lead generation advertisements – only 4.5 cents per minute.  Click Here


To learn how to use video in your marketing.  Click Here



Create Additional Income Streams Within Your Business


Rob created a side business marketed to his existing database and generated over $12,000 a month in additional income. To add a similar “side” business to your database, Click Here.


The book Warren Buffett studied as a boy which ultimately led to his “compounding” business philosophy.  Click Here




Special Articles on Marketing & Lead Conversion


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Website Design


To get the highest quality websites that convert prospects into clients, email my personal website designer, Joe Mercadante at joem@myhomesellingteam.com.





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